Over our years of working with people who seek traction for the causes, products, services that they're passionate about, we’ve seen a common theme emerge: As a social entrepreneur or value-driven professional, communicating your vision and starting a movement of people who will follow your journey is often the hardest part. Our mission at Five + Dime is to boost your impact by helping you reach more people who align with your values and engage with your story. Tighten your value proposition and craft a story so clear and compelling that your audience will be utterly captivated.


How are we different?

No matter if we’re working with people at an individual level, through to small businesses, all the way up to Sustainability teams within corporate or agencies within Government, our goal is the same - reach more people and help increase impact.

The difference is that sometimes there’s an inability to fund the critical work needed to reach those people. That’s why our rates unlock support for those who can’t afford beautiful design, stand out content or a savvy team to own their entire marketing strategy.

15% of each hour that we’re paid for* goes towards an impact kitty that supports social enterprises or charities to access either free or low-cost marketing support.

*After we pay our bills, of course.

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If you’re interested in unlocking some funding for a piece of work that you need but can’t afford, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch.

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If you’re looking to outsource some of your marketing/ comms function to a team who uses that spend to help grow impact in New Zealand, give us a call on +64 4 392 0510.