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Five + Dime is storytelling for purpose-led businesses.

We work with the narratives worth telling. Bringing them to life with copy that bleeds, brand strategies that feels like technicolor in 1916, eye-infecting design, social media content that won’t let you put the phone down, and everything in between.

Five + Dime: A Film Review
Directed by Shadoe Stone

While this art house film delivers everything you expect from a box office hit, the experience is the polar opposite. Five + Dime is true cinematic journey touched with Stone’s signature pastel hues and quirky storytelling genius. A snapshot of the creativity frothing in Wellington, Five + Dime is a film you don’t want to miss.

A delightful, fleshy team with buttered toast, quince, mineral and orange blossom flavours. With notes of burnt apricot, the colour green, shiny new jewellery and moderately high tannin in the middle of the tongue. The finish has a note of sweetness to it, almost like sweet blackberry or sweet tobacco. Five and Dime leaves a memorable aftertaste.

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Getting you from A to B; as your outsourced comms and marketing team, or as doers for your next creative project. So, where do you sit?



We're working with startups with purpose, social enterprises that are making impact, and practitioners who infect others with their passion. We'd love to sit down and better understand your story to see if it's something we can help tell.